Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Week 4 updates

I’ve mostly been updating with just the long runs, which are important, but I haven’t really been keeping you up to date with my daily experiences. My training schedule is 4 days of jogging a week (Monday, long run, Tuesday a shorter approximate 3 mile run, Wednesday rest (I do upper body strength training) Thursday a shorter approximate 4 mile run, Friday rest from running, work with hand weights, Saturday 4 mile run, Sunday rest). Later in my training some of the 4 mile runs will turn into 5 or 6 mile runs. When I first started I would be wiped out and feeling like I never wanted to leave the couch, especially on days where I had to go to work after, but now I’m able to complete my run and go to work feeling fine. (2 of my running days usually land on days I work and I wake up a couple hours earlier than I usually do to get my run in).

I thought I’d be sore today after my 8 miles yesterday, but aside from my muscles getting tired faster and my feet still being tired I’m not that sore. It took me a tad longer to complete my 3.4 miles today than it did last week.

I’m doing well with the “rules” I gave myself. I haven’t skipped one running day since I started this thing. I can see improvement. It’s fun to see how much more quickly I recover at the end of a run (I don’t feel out of breath any more at my front door, unless I sprint the last stretch which sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t) and how much further I can go now before walking compared to a month ago. Yesterday was my first big milestone in this experience because I have never jogged much further than 6 miles before I started training and that was far for me to go, so the distance I’ve gone in my long runs before now I had already done at some point in my life. I was a little apprehensive before my run yesterday, and I almost wanted to cry at the end of it because I finished it with the same pace I did 6 miles the week before and it showed me that I could do something I’ve never done and I was capable of going a distance I never thought I’d go. I was so proud of myself. For the first time I felt like I could do this if I keep working at it. I’m starting to feel like a real jogger and not just a wannabe.

I’m letting myself eat whenever I’m hungry…which I still feel like is a lot. I’m making progress with my rule of not feeling guilty about it and I think I’m happier that way. I haven’t lost any weight, but I haven’t gained any weight either. I just remind myself that I’m not doing this to lose weight- I’m doing it to be able to run further and complete a marathon. I’m already a healthy weight, so even if I feel that I have some flab I’d prefer not to have I’m not going to worry about it. And in order to not hate my life during this time, I can’t be starving myself.

I took my pulse before going to sleep last night and it was 46-48 BPM. I always like trending my pulse at rest. So far that’s the lowest I’ve gotten it. It was 50 when I woke up this morning and 54 right now.

I kind of miss dairy. I discovered silk vanilla light, which I absolutely love though. It has more calcium, less sodium and less calories than a glass of skim milk and I think it tastes way better. Rarely would I drink a glass of plain milk, but I really enjoy the vanilla flavored silk. I use it on my cereal too. I can’t really use it in cooking or other things since it’s flavored, but I was very pleased with that as a substitute for my cereal…and just drinking. Really surprised how much I like it. I still don’t have a replacement for my cheese and yogurt, so I’m just doing without. When I’d normally have cottage cheese and fruit, I’m just having fruit and leaving cheese out of stuff I’d normally put it in.

Before my 8 mile run yesterday I ate a banana and 2 costco rolls with a bit of blackberry jam on them for breakfast. After my run I had a bowl of life cereal (with my vanilla silk light) and took a shower. Then I ate a piece of baked salmon, a bowl of brown rice and spinach. I went Christmas shopping and on my way home I was starving and decided I couldn’t even wait for water to boil to make 3 minute ramen once I was home, so I was going to stop at Safeway and get my favorite sandwich there, but then realized part of what made that sandwich so delicious was the marinated mozzarella cheese, so I went to subway instead and got the cold cut combo foot long with all the veggies on honey oat bread and no cheese…and a macadamia nut cookie. I inhaled the first half of that sandwich so dang fast. Haha. I thought I would die before I could eat it. I ate the other half a while later and continued to be hungry rather frequently and ate something every couple hours or so until I went to bed.

I will say this: I am glad that my brother convinced me to train for a marathon over the holidays. It’s not like I indulge every day, but probably for the first time in a long time if not ever I feel no remorse what so ever for any goodies that I do eat. It’s a good feeling. Haha.

Monday, December 17, 2012

8 miles

Today is the start of week 4. I just got back from jogging 8.14 miles. My feet are tired. In fact, that was the most difficult thing to run through was my feet hurting. Sure my legs were tired and sometimes it was hard to breathe, but for the most part if I’m not going up hill my lungs feel pretty good. I might have to get some shoes with better arch support, but at least I don’t get hot spots or blisters.

8.14 miles! That is the furthest I have ever jogged in my entire life…and I’m just now starting to feel the gnawings of a hunger that will soon turn ravenous if I don’t eat soon.

It took me an hour, 36 minutes and 50 seconds giving me an 11:54 per mile average pace. Not bad for me! I keep thinking I have my Christmas angels with me lately. Next week I’ll be home at my parent’s house and plan to go 10 miles. Depending on the route I choose, the terrain will be a little bit flatter, but they still have some pretty good hills too. I need to figure out my route still.

I still haven’t run with water or “fuel” or food of any kind. I haven’t really needed to, but I know I have to start soon. And it’s something I worry about since I’ve never done it before and I’m not quite sure what to try first. It’s strange for me to have my lungs still feel good and my body be tired. Usually it’s the other way around.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Starting week 3

Mondays=long run days! Today I went 6.2 miles. I really regretted my hot chocolate and ice cream I had last night somewhere between mile 2 and 3 this morning though. It wasn’t anything emergent, even if I had a bathroom I don’t think I could have gone but the pain was enough to keep me from running and if I wasn’t exercising I probably wouldn’t have even had a problem. I felt like my intestines were on fire and I had to walk for just over a half a mile. I was so mad. I was contemplating cutting my route short and trying again later or doing my long run tomorrow since I was walking so much more than I wanted to. My legs, feet and lungs were fine and it was one of the few flat parts of my route! I don’t mind walking up hill but it’s against my rules to walk downhill or on a flat part on my jogging routes around here. So so so mad and irritated at my burning bowels. I really wanted to know that I could do 6 miles decently before I move on to 8 miles next week. That’s when I decided I might have to make some dietary adjustments. It’s not the first time on a run that I’ve had uncomfortable cramps that have forced me to a walk when otherwise I could run. This makes me sad. I’ve always been a little sensitive to milk products, but nothing debilitating enough to keep me from eating it. I eat dairy every day. I’ll have to be more attentive at taking my calcium pills now, but if it helps me feel better when I run I guess it will be worth it so I’ll start there and see if it helps.

BUT despite the burning and the walking way more than I should have, my discomfort eased away and I finished my 6.2 miles with a 11:50 a mile average pace! I was stoked, and not expecting that with the .6 miles I walked where I normally wouldn’t have. Once I started jogging again I kind of zoned out I guess and before I knew it I was coming up to my turns and passing places I usually would stop to walk for a bit at. I almost missed my turn off one street because I didn’t expect it so soon. It felt amazing to just keep going! Even though I’m trying not to focus or worry about my time I always want to at least finish with a 12 minute mile average pace, and usually I’ve been slower than that around 12:30. This was the first time since starting my training 2 weeks ago I’ve done it. I’m getting better and I can feel it.

After I finished my run I didn’t exactly want to keep running but I wasn’t gasping for air (in fact I was breathing pretty comfortably) or completely exhausted. My feet seem to be adjusting to my shoes ok and I haven’t had any serious blisters like I did a few weeks ago. I’ve got a nice callous on my left big toe.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Recent about nothings

For the first time ever I put peanut butter on my vanilla ice cream with a bit of chocolate syrup. Why oh why have I never done this before? So good.  Also good: peanut butter on celery, apples, bread, graham crackers, a spoon, bananas. I guess I eat a lot of peanut butter. It surprises me that I’m just now thinking to put it on ice cream.

My multi vitamins expired in May. The nurse in me says just throw the bottle away and get new ones, I wouldn’t give meds (even if it’s just vitamins) that expired to my patients, why take them myself? The economical person in me says there’s a bajillion left! Surely they haven’t lost all their potency in 7 months? The reasonable person in me says I can afford a new bottle of MVI’s. The cheap person in me says, BUT THERE ARE SO MANY LEFT! I’m still taking them…for now.

There was a blood drive in my town today. I really wanted to go donate and was planning to after I went to my little meeting with a trainer at the gym I just joined. I sadly decided against donating because I didn’t want to feel horrible during my jog later today especially having to work after. I guess I’ll hold off donating until after the marathon in May with all the running I’m going to be doing between now and then. I haven’t donated since just before I moved here a year and a half ago. In fact, the last time I donated my cell phone rang in the middle of my bleeding, but my purse was on the floor next to me and I couldn’t reach it. I said, “That’s my phone…” hoping my phlebotomist would hand me my purse so I could answer it, but instead she did a little dance and said she liked my ring tone and left it where it was. It was the assistant to my now boss who left a message wanting to set up an interview. I called her back from the snack/recovery table once I was bandaged up and scheduled a day and time for my interview. What a happy happy day. I left that blood bank elated.

A few months ago I made a weird decision to not cut my hair until something significant happened to me. It hadn’t been cut since February this year and was already overdue for another cut. Now it is longer than I’ve had it probably since high school.  My favorite length is just around or below my chin. I’m not sure what caused me to make this decision, maybe I was getting bored and needed some motivation to make something happen but regardless of the reason the decision has been made. The significant event wasn’t anything specifically, but I would know if it was significant or not. If nothing else then I can at least look forward to a haircut any time after May 4 once I complete my first (and possibly last) marathon. In the meantime, you may call me Sampson.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Week 2: personal reminders

Rule # 1: Don’t skip a running day.

My training schedule has 4 running days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). It’s been raining here lately so I’ve been stuck on a treadmill. I’m tired of it already. It’s dumping buckets again today, but I can’t imagine myself getting back on a treadmill right now so I’m probably just going to put on my old running shoes and get soaked. I only have to go 3 miles today, but for some reason 3 miles on a treadmill seems like it takes so much longer than 3 miles outside.

Rule # 2: Eat when you’re hungry

Whenever I exercise a lot, I am ALWAYS hungry. Like I can eat a meal and feel full then not even an hour later be ready for another one.

Rule # 3: Don’t feel guilty about it

Also, whenever I exercise a lot I’m more aware of what and how much I eat. I’m afraid that because I AM hungry all the time if I eat all the time I’m going to take in too many calories and I wind up not eating enough making myself feel even worse. So to let myself not entirely hate this process of training for a marathon, if it’s a healthy food choice I’m going to eat whenever I want so I’m not completely ravenous like I was when I did INSANITY. Also, I’m not going to be as strict with myself in regards to dessert. Rule # 3 so far is the hardest for me, because even though I’m trying to follow rule #2 that keeps me feeling better physically, I still can’t quite shake the feeling that I shouldn’t be eating so much.

Rule # 4: Drink more water
I don't really have any commentary on this one

It sounds like the rain has eased up a bit, so I think I'd better head out before it gets worse.