Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random bits

Sometimes unexplainable things happen at my facility. We’ve had our expected fair share of resident’s die there. Despite the name skilled nursing facility and the excellent care we provide, people tend to die at the end of their life. It happens. Because of the death numbers and these unexplainable things (such as call lights going on when nobody is in the room or phantom call lights as we call them, charts placed appropriately on the shelf at the nursing station with no reason to fall landing on a nurse’s head while she was charting, a phone call being put on speaker when no buttons were pushed, items randomly being moved from one place to another spot that nobody would even think to put it hidden between other stuff, etc.) it is believed by many that we have ghosts. I for one love this idea. It’s fun, although for others it’s more creepy than fun. Today in our office something happened in which we blamed the ghost. I named him Barney. Then my co-worker told me that she was told there’s an application for the iphone that allows you to hear ghosts speak and she downloaded it. Turns out our Ghost’s name was not Barney after all. It was Daniel. Go figure. I guess ghost whisperer isn’t a skill I can include on my resume.

Once again, I quit candy. I feel flabby fat and lazy. Ever since I moved into my apartment my exercise habits went out the window and I’ve been stress eating sugar a whole lot more since the end of October. I put a stop to it today and successfully made it through my first day of sugar de-tox. So far so good, but there’s a good chance I may need to find a 12 step program to help me through it with or without a sponsor.

I don’t know why it is but the creepiest 8 legged critters tend to find their way into my dwelling space. I don’t like it. I hate killing them and I usually try to bargain telling them that if they cooperatively allow me to catch them I’ll release them unharmed outside. My kitchen still smells like RAID thanks to Bobby. He had a free ticket out the front door and the stubborn little bugger refused to come down to it. Perhaps he will now join Moe and Becky the black widow I killed in my living room a few months ago in spider heaven. May he rest in peace in my garbage can.

I am way ready for a hair cut. It’s grown out and has no style anymore and is not cute. I have no idea where to go to get this done. My preferred hair cutting source is an hour and 40 minutes away and works during the same hours I do.

I’m pretty forgetful lately, whether it’s plans I’ve made with someone, the day of the week, or whatever. I don’t recall having memory issues before, but I do remember a friend of mine telling me in highschool I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached. I didn’t know what she was talking about, but I can see how it applies now. It seems I always forget at least one thing whenever I leave my apartment. I always remember at some point what it was I forgot and I’m not sure if that’s less frustrating than never remembering. Sometimes I remember as I’m locking my door, other times I remember once I buckle up. The stinky times are when I remember as I’m turning onto the on ramp to the free way. Too late now! One day I returned to my apartment from my car for my forgotten cell phone, only to make it back to my car to remember I left my name badge on my table. I felt so retarded walking out to my car, back to my apartment, back to my car BACK to my apartment, then BACK to my car again. I was a few minutes late for work that day. I’m pretty sure dementia is going to be a familiar feeling for me when I get there.