Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teenage mutant ninja spider

There I was sitting on my living room floor watching TV, playing a lonely game of solitaire (old school, with real tangible cards spread out on the floor in front of me), when something caught my eye and I realized I wasn’t alone. Initially I was startled. I think something like “Oh crap” came out of my mouth.

I took a second to decide if I wanted to do the shoe smash or bug spray and came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to have to get any closer to it than I had to and opted for the spray. I calmly stood up, got the raid from under my kitchen sink, and returned to introduce the large 8 legged bugger to death. This is the second ugly brown spider that I’ve come across inside my living space in the last few days. I don’t like it! The last one I smashed with a shoe after trapping it under a cup and staring at it for 5 minutes gathering my courage to lift the cup off of him before hurling said shoe full force upon it (I put paper under the cup first for easy clean up post smash).

I sprayed at this new visitor, and he startled and took off even faster. I tried spraying him again, but I’m not sure how much of the poison actually made contact with him. In the blink of an eye he disappeared in my tv cabinet. Kelly Clarkson’s voice kept resonating in my head, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Ah geeze. I was really regretting not going for a shoe, or at least getting closer before I sprayed. I’m now quite certain that this bugger is going to mutate, acquire super spider powers, and then come find me in my sleep to seek his revenge.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Don't stop moving

It always cracks me up at the end of the max interval workout before the cool down the camera man does a sweep over the gym floor showing every one lying down practically passed out, and then a little note pops up that says “don’t stop moving”. I hope my ribs moving up and down are sufficient to qualify for movement.

I’m done! Yesterday I did the last fit test and today is the first day in 2 months I’m not working out before heading into work (except for the few times I had to work on a Sunday). I wish I felt guilty about it, but I’m so tired I don’t care. I've been looking forward to today for the last couple weeks. During the last 2 months I only missed 2 workouts in the 2nd week because I had a fever, and some days I also went for an extra jog or walk. Month 2 was hard and turned more into a chore than it was the first month.  I didn’t lose any more weight in the second month which also made it hard to keep going. In fact, when I weighed yesterday I was a pound more than I was the previous month. It kills me knowing that I’ve been eating as healthy as I have been and working out so hard that I can’t get the scale to move down, but at least my measurements still shrunk. After the first month my arms and legs stopped shrinking too. I wish I could say it’s because I have nothing left to lose there, but I do. My hips and waist still are getting smaller though. I don’t exactly have the body they advertise, but I’m by no means over weight, I’m smaller and more fit than I’ve ever been, I’m stronger and can do more in the workouts, and I now have to go shopping for new clothes because hardly anything I own fits any more.  I love looking at the fit test and comparing my numbers from day one to yesterday. I get more satisfaction with those numbers than I do from the scale or my measurements.

Total count over the last 2 months: 4 pounds lost. ½ an inch off each upper arm and thigh. 1 inch off my chest.  2.75 inches off my waist.  1.75 inches off my hips.

I know I said in a previous post that there’s no reason for me not to work out an hour every day and still go to work, but I take it back. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet now that I’m done. I’m not going to stop moving, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be doing insanity 6 days a week anymore. I’ll probably go back to jogging on the days that I don’t work throwing an insanity workout in the mix, and maybe doing a month one workout on the first day that I work and take a break the next 2 nights that I work to give me 4 days a week of exercise. I was losing weight before I started insanity with jogging on my days off and eating reasonably, so I should be fine with whatever I decide to do. Today however, I’m doing nothing before heading into work except blogging this post and eating the banana nut bread I baked myself and started eating Sunday night to celebrate being done. It will be gone by tomorrow.