Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ready ready ready, ready to run

It’s official now. I registered today and there are no refunds. It’s gonna happen.

May 4, 2013- Provo City Marathon!

I started my “official” training this week, and today I joined a gym so I’d have some where to go to use a treadmill if it was raining or dark outside when I wanted to run. As a part of my membership I get one free personal trainer session every 3 months and they set me up with a trainer who has run a marathon before, so maybe that will be helpful.

I went just over 6 miles on my long run this week (I'll be doing my long runs on mondays for now at least instead of the typical saturday since I'm scheduled to work weekends for the rest of the year). Next week it will be 7 miles.   

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to bake a cake in 1/3 the time

It’s a complicated process, but don’t worry. I think you can manage it:

1.       Accidently preheat your oven to 450 instead of 350.

2.       Place the cake in pre (over) heated oven.

3.       Set the timer for one minute less than the box instructs for the shortest amount of time (33 minutes).

4.       Call your mom to ask a question about the frosting recipe.

5.       After approximately 10 minutes you should smell burning cake like smells.

6.       Go to the oven, open the door and check on the cake.

7.       Act surprised that it looks like it’s done.

8.       Look at the timer. Notice 21 more minutes to go.

9.       Wonder how in the world the cake baked that fast.

10.   Take the cake out of the oven.

11.   Notice the oven temperature setting.

12.   Wonder where in the world your brain was at when you set it. Wait, didn’t you set it for 350? You could have sworn you set it for 350.

13.   Worry about what you’re going to be like when you’re older.

14.   Freak out that you may have ruined your sister’s birthday cake and start anticipating a trip to the store to buy another box of german chocolate cake mix.

15.   Thoroughly inspect the cake.

16.   Pat the top of it to ensure it is baked all the way through.

17.   Pat it some more (good cake, gooood cake).

18.   Notice the burned spots where the batter dripped on the side of the pan giving off the burned smell and be relieved that the cake itself may be ok.

19.   Smell the cake.

20.   Smell the cake again.

21.   Poke a toothpick in it.

22.   Smell the cake again.

23.   Scrutinize the color in the corners.

24.   Declare it good.

25.   Serve with frosting and ice cream to help make up for any dryness that may have resulted from the flash bake.

26.   Be proud of yourself. You only took 12 minutes to accomplish something that takes everyone else 34-38 minutes. Eat cake!