Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This week in the life of Katie

What I’ve been afraid of:

*expired milk
*my phone going off when I’m not at work, anticipating it will be work with a problem I can’t or won’t know how to solve
*my work phone going off anticipating it will be a disgruntled family member of a patient
*I pretty much just hate the phone

What gets me through the day:

*a desire to prove my capabilities
*a motivation to make my facility the best it can be
*a love for the residents under my overall supervisory care
*an awesome team at work

What I’ve been chilling out with once I’m home:

*Josh Groban
*cranberry juice/ginger ale
*more sugar

I haven’t been getting enough:

*time on the piano

Lowlights of the week:

*Never feeling like I’m ever going to accomplish everything I need to and staying 2 hours late nearly every day
*My GPS sending me to Kaiser Roseville instead of Sutter Roseville this morning on my way to assess a potential new admit. Dang my stupid lack of directional intelligence. I could get lost in a circle.


*Talking with my brother Eric on the phone last night (after first freaking out that it was work calling)

Looking forward to:

*Movie at my place with cousin Courtney tomorrow
*Going home on Friday night for the weekend