Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 8

10 miles in less than 2 hours! I’ll take it. My run today started out fine, and then I had to walk until my insides stopped burning in my 3rd mile (I probably shouldn’t have 3 deep fried scones the night before a run- I’m sure you all love hearing about my sensitive digestive system). I decided if it didn’t get better before a certain point I’d take an early turn and do my long run tomorrow, but it didn’t last and after that everything was great. Surprisingly great. I felt as good as I have, and probably could ever feel in a run. The weather was sunny, I brought about 8 oz of water in my water bottle belt (if I leave it at least half empty it doesn’t fly out of the holster and is a little easier to run with than the back pack) and an energy gel. I made myself eat the energy gel a little over half way done and by the time I finished the run I drank all the water. The gels really help. So does the water! I was able to pick up my speed at the very end and I didn’t ever feel like dying. I really really really wanted to finish in less than 2 hours and was afraid with my forced walk for a while, in addition to the hills I have to walk when I'm more tired in my second half of the run I wouldn’t make it, but my timer showed 01:57:58 when I got to my mailbox, so I just made it! I remember after my first 8 mile run my feet and legs hurt so bad I couldn’t wait to take off my shoes and be done. Nothing to that extent today. Next week is 14 miles and I’m sure I’ll be back to hating the world...but then 12 miles won't seem so bad just like 10 miles wasn't so bad today.

On Saturday I finished my 4 ¼ mile route faster than I’ve ever run it in 47 minutes and 50 seconds.

When it comes the rules I’ve created for myself I’m crushing them. A+ for Katie.   I’m not losing any weight because I eat all the time, and I’m perfectly happy with that. I’ve stopped worrying about food too much and I just go...for the most part it’s healthy food (please forget about the 3 scones last night). If I find that my clothes can’t fit anymore I might start paying more attention to how much I’m eating.

I’ve decided to not think about how many more miles I’d have to do before I hit marathon distance, because it’s daunting and then I feel bad that (for example) 8 miles was so hard and it isn’t even a third of the distance I’ll have to go. So far I’ve been able to hit each new distance week by week (even if it’s super slow), so I’ll just keep my eyes on weekly goals to build to the big day. I’ll celebrate each new furthest distance and better time, reflect on how much I’ve improved rather than how much more I need to improve, and I think that will help keep me going.

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