Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week 7

Man, my long runs make me cranky! HA! Today felt better, but I only had to go 4 miles. I was happy with my pace and how I felt. I was glad I didn’t have to run yesterday because my legs were still sore and it would have been a chore just to get my running shoes on and out the door. I feel really good today, and my run felt really good. Running may hurt sometimes but overall it really does make me feel good about myself (If only I could remember this at mile 9!). I can feel the difference in how I’m feeling now vs how I felt before my run today, and it’s for the better. I wasn’t moody or anything before my run, but maybe knowing I’m done exercising for the day has left me a little bit happier. Once the marathon is done though I probably won’t continue at this same rate, and will go back to whatever is enjoyable for not running on days that I work or running so far it hurts. I’ve been thinking I’d like to know how to swim well. So after May 4th perhaps I’ll focus on swimming and eventually consider the idea of a triathlon depending on how I like it.

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